What Magic is This? is a topic based podcast for those curious about Magic, the Occult, the Paranormal and the Supernatural. Each episode is based around a topic that my guest is somewhat curious about. As a magician of 18 years, I bring my knowledge to the recording session and allow my guests to ask any question that they would have. Over time the show has evolved and often I will do a Solo show or I’ll bring on an individual who I feel can elucidate on a topic far better than I can.

As there is no real continuity episode-to-episode, the listener is free to jump in at any point if the topic is something they are not really familiar with. I attempt to have two or three episodes of What Magic is This? every month.

As for me- my name is Douglas and I have been doing this whole sorcery and magic thing for 18 years. It’s something that I don’t normally share with people but when I do they become very interested. Either that or they stop talking to me. With luck, this podcast will help spread my enthusiasm for magic and these topics to others, because I think we could all use a bit of magic in our lives. Not only that, but what we call Magic might just be the underlying, unknown stuff that this reality runs on.

This Podcast has basically become my full time job, and I couldn’t be happier about it. If you dig the work that I do, please consider supporting the Podcast on Patreon.