How To Read Grimoires

No doubt we are all familiar with the common story trope of a dusty and haggard book of Magic which is filled with spells, rituals and numerous diabolical looking diagrams. However, these certainly existed and many of them are housed in collections both private and public(ish). The word “Grimoire” got its name as these books […]

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The History of Tarot

Many of those who practice Magic and Divination or are just curious about it, will have a deck of Tarot Cards. And yet, most of them have no idea as to how the Tarot cards became something that is to this day one of the most popular forms of divination. On this episode of WMiT? […]

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Modern Witchcraft with Emma Kathryn

What does it take to call oneself a “Witch” these days? Are there certain things one must do, things that need to be believed, practices that need to be practiced? Or has Witchcraft really become so egalitarian that pretty much anything goes? Most people’s conceptions of witchcraft are fairly modern conceptions, and many of the […]

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