Guest Appearance on PRAG.MAGICK

I really enjoyed this chat with the Host of PRAG.MAGICK Keats Ross! In this episode we go through some favourites like Robert Anton Wilson, DisinfoNation, Dreams, The PGM, my aversion to politics at this point, Cunning Folk Grimoires and why I enjoy them more than more traditional grimoires, and a bit more of my magical history. Suffice to say, I’m still trying to get the hang of being a guest on other people’s shows. Sometimes I say a flippant thing or two (Zero archeological evidence for quarantine before the 3rd Century BCE). It was a very odd week as both Keats and I are staring at an uncertain future; Social-Distancing, quarantine and all that. This should serve as an interesting time capsule in a few years. Many thanks to Keats for reaching out to me so we could do this! Hopefully, I’ll be back soon, and a little less nervous. Enjoy!


WE tHE HALLOWED – Collective
DAKOTA SLIM – Keats’ Tunes

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