Drugs & Magic with Danny Nemu

It probably didn’t take us humans very long to discover that certain plants and fungi, when we interacted with them or ingested them- would cause strange effects. Sometimes terrifying, sometimes prophetic, often exhilarating- Drugs and our dalliances with them have intrigued and enthralled us for longer than we’ve been recording history. Many would say that these substances and spirituality are intrinsically linked in many ways. Of course, Magicians and Witches have utilized this to great effect as well. It goes without saying, WMiT? had to bring on someone who can elucidate our fascination with Drugs and Magic like no other- The Reverend Danny Nemu.

Note- There were some audio problems with recording this episode. As much as I tried to edit around them, I still hope that your enjoyment of the episode does not suffer as a consequence. Those pops aren’t your speakers or headphones either.

Danny Nemu is active in many realms (some of them even on earth). He has published two books- Science Revealed as well as Neuro-Apocalypse. Both of these books I adore and are without doubt worth picking up. Danny is also the Founder of RAINRegenerative Agroforestry Impact Network, which is doing the good that they know- Boosting Biodiversity, Working with Indigenous Communities, Regenerating Ecosystems and much more. Please support Danny in this endeavour, as he is doing crucial and noble work with RAIN. Click on the handsome chap below to find out more!

Danny’s Work

Show Notes

Title Art by Parablev

4 thoughts on “Drugs & Magic with Danny Nemu

  1. Wow. I’ll have to listen to this another couple of times to get my head around it all. I’ll offer that I had my head down on the dog walk, searching for magic mushrooms while listening to this episode.

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  2. FantasticAlly layered conversation—Interesting to see what the chaos magician’s perspective on animistic shamanism is; I wonder what maestro would make of magick.

    Going to have to dig deeper about the feminine/masculine dichotomies within the elements of magick/ceremony, Goetic invocations vs. evocations, etc.

    Thanks guys 🙏

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