Douglas on The Halloweenie LiminalStream from PRAGMAGICK

I was a guest recently on the new LiminalStream hosted by the one and only Keats Ross! He asked me last minute to step in and share some of my favourite spooky, creepy, and weird books, TV, and movies. I have to say, I went a little all over the map with this one and wanted to share things that were real, unreal, could be real, or definitely in the ‘I-dunno-bout-that’ category. Keats is an excellent host and we had such a fun time going through these! Follow Keats and all he does!

WE tHE HALLOWED – Collective
DAKOTA SLIM – Keats’ Tunes

Huge Correction- I completely messed up my dates when talking about the Spanish Flu and the Black Death. Yikes. Also, please keep in mind that the sharing of an idea does not mean support of an idea, I just wanted share some things during this spooky season that I find terrifying- That Space is scary as hell and that there might be entities that wish us harm.

Show Notes

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