Hypnosis with Lance Baker & Devin Person

We’ve all seen the movies and recognize the tropes- Swinging Pocket Watch, eyes rolling back into the head, “You are Getting verrrrrryyyy Sleeeeeeepy…” And yet, Hypnosis is so much more than what most of us are lead to believe. From helping to deal with certain anxieties, breaking habits and even pain relief- Hypnosis seems to be a still little understood but extremely amazing condition. Taking us through the wonders of Hypnosis are two of my favourite former guests- Lance Baker and Devin Person!

Lance Baker is a Hypnotist, Energy Healer and Reiki Master based in Maitland, Australia. He runs the healing Clinic Branches of Healing. A born healer, Lance has much to offer those who are suffering Physical and emotional pain. He also has his own Podcast Akasha Talks with Lance Baker as well as a fantastic YouTube channel where he goes through lots of Hypnosis techniques!

Devin Person is The Wizard! A Wizard with many hats- A Hypnotist, Podcaster, DJ and so much more. His Podcast This Podcast is a Ritual, is a delight in every way. He has recently set up Change your Mind where he can help you in many ways via Hypnosis. You can support his work and Wizardly Life via Patreon, as well as check out all that Devin does through his Linktr.ee by clicking the pic below.

As mentioned by Lance in the episode, be sure to check out his presentations on Self-Hypnosis right here, as well as get a Free pass to this year’s Hypno Summit from December 13-18!

Show Notes

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