Introduction to Paganism with Angela Puca

The term Paganism is used today (for the most part) to refer to contemporary religious and spiritual traditions which take their influences from historically pre-Christian beliefs. While many of these are fairly different from each other, there are some distinctions which these sorts of Paganism all seem to share for the most part. Many are Polytheist, see spirit and the sacred as being imminent, and hold the natural world in high regard. Taking us through some of the broader strokes of contemporary Paganism is the scholar of Magic, Witchcraft, and Paganism- Dr. Angela Puca!

Dr Angela Puca is a scholar who studies the history of Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism, Esotericism, Shamanism, and other related currents. She is the creator of the amazing YouTube channel Angela’s Symposium which is a must watch for all who find these topics interesting. Angela can also be found on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. If you enjoy what Dr. Puca does and would like to be a part of Angela’s community, you absolutely must join her Patreon, where she does live Q&As as well as has chats with other scholars. For all that Dr. Puca gets up to head to her or click the picture below!

Show Notes

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