Astrological Magic with Andrew Watt

Astrology and Magic. Two things that go together like salt and pepper. When we look back through the ages, they always seem to have been intertwined, for matching what happens in the celestial spheres with what happens here on earth seems like such a natural interaction. But where does one even start? What things should […]

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An Introduction to Solomonic Magic with Alexander Eth of Glitch Bottle Podcast

When all is said and done, the Western Magical Tradition seems to have one clear and definable feature- it has mainly been about attempting to solicit the aid of spiritual creatures or entities for all manner of magical ends. There is no better encapsulation of this than what is called Solomonic Magic. Guided by grimoires […]

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How To Read Grimoires

No doubt we are all familiar with the common story trope of a dusty and haggard book of Magic which is filled with spells, rituals and numerous diabolical looking diagrams. However, these certainly existed and many of them are housed in collections both private and public(ish). The word “Grimoire” got its name as these books […]

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Hailed by many as a forefather of modern medicine, the story of Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known to the world as Paracelsus- is one of hardship, stacked odds and wonder. While his contributions to medicine and health are being recognized more and more through the centuries, after his passing his legend and myth […]

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