The Marvellous Magical World of Alan Moore

Residing in the heart of England lives one of the most notorious Wizards of the last 100 years. A Wizard who has not only seen the future, but some say has had a hand in crafting it. Conjuring characters that are as timeless as his ideas, there does not seem much that is beyond this Sorcerer’s Magic. We are talking about Northampton’s own Mr. Alan Moore. Widely considered the greatest writer of comic books in the history of the medium, Alan is beloved and feared in equal measures. Besides acknowledging that he is a Magician, not too many are aware of what Alan’s Magical world looks like. In this Episode of WMiT? Douglas and Eric delve into the marvellous Magical World of Alan Moore.

My Guest Eric Millar is an Artist himself. I really enjoy his work and hope that you do as well. The Disruption Generator and The Impossible Game deserve your attention. Eric’s Instagram Page which he updates quite often can be found HERE but to view his work and projects have a click on the Logo below!

Show Notes

Cover Image by Mitch Jenkins
Music For this Episode by Alan Moore and Downtown Joe Brown & The Retro Spankees – You are My Asylum

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