What if I told you that you could have certain desires manifest in your life with a few seemingly simple steps? What if things in your life could change to meet with your aspirations both physical and mental? A somewhat recent weapon in the Magicians arsenal, Sigils are pictographic representation of an outcome that you desire. Their possibilities are seemingly endless, from creation to activation to disposing of them. Sigils go to the core of magic in many ways and are great evidence that symbolic thinking is indeed Magical. In this Episode of What Magic is This? Douglas is joined by fellow Magician and host of Pragmagick Podcast Keats Ross to talk about those weirdly wonderful squiggly lines.

My Guest Keats Ross has both a Podcast and an arts collective dedicated to Magic and the Metaphysical. WE tHe HALLOWED.ORG has plenty of great content and Keats’ discussions with his guests are fantastic so be sure to check out Pragmagick. Click the Planchette Below!

Show Notes

And as a lovely little chaser to this episode- Keats goes through his process of creating an Audio Sigil. This video only goes to show that Keats has more talent in his Left hand than I do in my entire body.

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