Mental Health & The Magician

Depression, high anxiety, addiction and other mental health issues effect a huge number of us. Many are looking for answers or ways that we can get better or deal with these afflictions ourselves. How does Magic and the Occult intersect with such things? Are there similarities, and if so- what can we learn from them? The amount of internal pain that many of us carry with us each day is difficult to deal with, but there are ways in which we can get help as well as create help. On this extremely personal episode of WMiT?, Douglas has his first ever guest Andre, back on the show to discuss. Fair warning- This episode may have somewhat triggering segments in it.

Show Notes

I just want all of you to know, that you are loved, and that you can find ways of healing. Please be kind to yourself. Again- You are worthy of conservation and the world is better with you in it.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health & The Magician

  1. Such a necessary exploration and so frankly and generously presented; very much appreciated hearing your own experience with these issues…
    OK! Let me take a leaf from your tree and stop tip-toeing around it: mental health issues, they are part of all of us it seems and you provided us with ways to deal or at least recognise. I got a lot out of this episode: Mental Health & the Magician… Thankyou.


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