Chaos Magic Part II

On our second voyage into the azure waters, we dive into conversations and currents of Chaos. Firstly we talk about the Philosopher King of Magic, one Ramsey Dukes. From here we sail about on the winds of a few Chaos Magic orders and groups, ever pondering if there ever really was a Chaos Magic movement. My guest for this episode Saul sheds some light on an online Magical current that for a time burned bright but now only seems to flicker. Of course, WMiT? cannot merely have only a two-parter on Chaos magic, but for a time we will drop anchor.

My Guest for this Episode Saul is one of the most pleasurable and earnest folks I’ve had the pleasure to converse with on Twitter. If you want positive Magical interactions and insights, Saul is an excellent companion.

Note – Apologies from me are needed in this episode as I had forgotten that Genesis P-Orridge preferred non-specific gender pronouns. I shall endeavour to not make this mistake in the future.

Show Notes

Correction – With many thanks to Phil Hine, the Lincoln Order of Neuromancers was not actually a real thing, not a group that actually met. The more you know!

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