Chaos Magic Part I

Late 1970’s England. An iconoclastic group of misfit Magicians got tired of the same old story that in order for Magic to work, one had to be a part of a Tradition and go through necessary steps. To this they said ‘Nonsense! All one needs is belief and how one utilizes that belief for it to work!’ They thus birthed the first form of Postmodern Magic that was based entirely off of Results- Chaos Magic. Baked into this movement and the Chaos toolkit was a pragmatism that if the Ritual or Spell worked, it was kept and modified, if it didn’t work it was discarded and something else was attempted. In this first Episode of perhaps a series of episodes, Doug and his Sorcerous guest Gaius provide a short yet succinct introduction to the world of Chaos Magic.

My Guest on this episode Gaius has a Youtube Channel and he is also on TikTok! Check him out and support.

Show Notes

Cover Image by Noah MacMillan

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