Spirits with Aidan Wachter

Many Magicians would say that one of the most important aspects of Magic is interacting with ‘Spiritual Creatures.’ The idea of Spirits being a part of this world and that there could be a ‘Spirit World’ has been with us far longer than it has not. Of course, the prevailing worldview of the last 300 years has done a fairly good job of attempting to demolish the idea that spirits have ever existed. Yet Spirits (or at least belief in them) has never gone away. In this Episode of WMiT? we are doing something a little bit different. To talk all things Spirit, we are joined by author and Dirt-Sorcerer Aidan Wachter.

My Guest Aidan has a website where all of his work can be found. Be sure to grab Six Ways to get some Spirit-based Magic into your life as well as his amazing new book Weaving Fate. I cannot recommend these books enough, they are essential if Practical Magic is new to you. Aidan has also started a new Podcast which looks to be amazing. Click the Sigil!

Show Notes

8 thoughts on “Spirits with Aidan Wachter

  1. Fantastic show you two! I am currently delving into ‘6 Ways’ and agree with your appraisal Douglas, it draws you out of your couch and facilitates action and application of ‘approaches’ within one’s life.
    I really appreciated hearing about Aidan’s experiences in discovering or being made to discover the Spirit world. I enjoyed the slight change in format or focus that you did with this episode. Thankyou.

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