Animism with Gordon White

One is constantly surprised by the world and universe we find ourselves in. Every Ecosystem seems to overflow with life, be it forest, desert, tundra, even cities. The longer one sticks with Magic, the more it seems like the whole Universe is somehow alive. Yet despite things we can identify as certainly being alive, perhaps some of the denizens of the ecosystem we say clearly aren’t alive- actually are, including the ecosystem itself. This is Animism. In this Episode of WMiT?, Doug is joined by Gordon White of Rune Soup to hash out the ultimate epistemology of Magic. The world is haunted with Spirit and Life, time to see it that way.

Gordon is an author, Blogger, Permaculture Designer and Podcaster. I’ve mentioned his work in many episodes. Gordon has also released a whole book about Animism appropriately titled Ani.Mystic!

Show Notes (More than any other, please please Check these out)

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