Journeying with Wren Collier

Something available to each and every one of us is a capacity to explore strange worlds, dimensions, and realms. This can be as simple as having a dream each night, to as complex and unusual as a full-blown Out of Body Experience. While some would argue that this is merely just an act of Imagination, to those who Journey often such an explanation seems as far away from the truth as anything could possibly be. Joining the show to share some knowledge is a luminous soul who has Out of Body Experiences frequently- Wren Collier.

Wren Collier is a magician and Thelemite living in Minneapolis,  Minnesota. He is a frequent contributor on the Where Did The Road Go? Podcast, as well as contributing to projects like NAEQ.IO and the Lunar Cry occult community. He also sells fine occult goods at his Etsy store, Atelier Argent, and is working on his first book,  CTHONIA, an exploration of katabasis narratives, underground kingdoms, pulp scifi, and the Hollow Earth. Follow Wren on Twitter, as he shares Dreams and OBEs quite frequently. Finally, check out Wren’s Work at Liminal Room. Click below!

Doug’s Show Notes

Wren’s Show Notes (These are unreal Notes! Huge Thanks to Mr. Collier for these)

3 thoughts on “Journeying with Wren Collier

  1. Wow, such an interesting conversation! Bizarre synchronicities: listening while driving around the back roads, Wren mentions Monroe– I glance at the name on a farm gate…Monroe…!

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  2. Whilst listening to the part of the conversation regarding food being a possible trigger for OBEs, and the long history of cheese being responsible for “bad” dreams, I was walking along a dark and rainy Japanese street (unrelated) gorging myself on Lithuanian lactose-free cheese.
    And, as I type, I am at the end of the aforementioned pack of cheese and am just about to call it a night.
    We shall see.

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