The Timely Ideas of Eric Wargo

What if you could see aspects of your future merely by being asleep? What if the unconscious mind was in some way prophetic? What if precognition and psi effects are memories of your future experiences; something you premember? In this Episode of WMiT? I am joined by a guest whose ideas I have mentioned numerous times on the Podcast- Dr. Eric Wargo. His book Time Loops has been one of my greatest reading experiences of the last decade, and he’s only getting started.

My Guest for this Episode is Dr. Eric Wargo. His Book Time Loops is some of the most interesting reading that you will encounter, and has been called ‘the most significant intellectual work on a paranormal topic in the last fifty years….’ Likewise, his Blog The Nightshirt is a cavalcade of illuminating thoughts and ideas, each one with mind-blowing possibilities. Make sure you check out everything that Dr. Wargo gets up to and his New Book set to be released next year!

Show Notes

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