Ancestors with Chiron Armand

We all have them. Or, do they have us? The Tapestry of life is a complex web of family, lineage and blood. Their struggles and triumphs are yours as well. For many beginning in Magic, the idea of Ancestors and their elevation does not seem like the most interesting aspect to start practicing, but many these days are making a case that starting with ancestors is beyond beneficial. Joining WMiT? is a man who is well versed in the realm of the restless dead and how it applies to your health and well-being, Mr. Chiron Armand. Your ancestors aren’t going anywhere, do not waste this opportunity.

My Guest is none other than Chiron Armand: an all-travelling Shaman versed in such New World traditions as Haitian Vodou and Brazilian Quimbanda as well as being a Hoodoo Root Doctor. He is available for all of your Ancestral needs through his website Impact Shamanism. His Instagram Account is always a joy and he is the author of a couple books. Please Check out all of Chiron’s Work!

Show Notes

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