Astrology with Becca Tarnas

Without a doubt, the last 5 years has seen a resurgence of interest in the Celestial Art of Astrology. At base, Astrology is looking at the positions of celestial bodies like the planets and stars, in order to divine information relevant to the past, the present and the future. A discipline unto itself, to say that Astrology was important in ages past is a vast understatement. On this episode of WMiT? we are joined by Scholar, Author and Consulting Astrologer Dr. Becca Tarnas, whose views and eloquence on Astrology are both breathtaking and informative. For those who are weary or have yet to look into Astrology, there can be no better introduction than this episode.

My Guest for this episode is the wonderful Dr. Becca Tarnas! She received her PhD in Philosophy and Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies with a dissertation on the Red Books of C.G. Jung and J.R.R. Tolkien. She has written a book which is a reader’s guide to The Lord of The Rings, which is without a doubt my favourite reader’s guide. A Consulting Astrologer in what she has called Archetypal Prism Astrology, she posts update on celestial aspects on both her Twitter and Instagram, as well as posts wonderful videos on her YouTube Channel. To check out all that Dr. Tarnas gets up to have a click below!

Show Notes
Very VERY Special thanks to Patreon supporter and frequent listener Sarah Baker for helping me gather pretty much all of these Show Notes. Her guidance has been exemplary. Some of her notes which I have included below are a huge help as well. Many thanks, Sarah!

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