Grimoires with Alexander Cummins

Kept safe in many Special Collections around the world are very odd and very special Books. They are filled with interesting content- Invocations, Evocations, Prayers, Spells as well as odd diagrams. These are Grimoires- A Magician’s textbook and are used for many purposes such as divination, crafting talismans, herbs and stones, as well as how to summon Demons, Angels, Spirits and other entities. Joining this episode to discuss these fascinating and incredible documents is the Scholar, Author and Modern Cunning Man Dr. Alexander Cummins!

Dr. Alexander Cummins is a practicing as well as Consulting Magician– truly a Cunning Man of the 21st Century. He most recently published with Phil Legard An Excellent Book on the Arte Of Magicke which was beyond a doubt the best Occult Book release in Years. He is co-host of a Magic Podcast Radio Free Golgotha with Jesse Hathaway Diaz, and also a founder of one of the only Facebook groups worth Joining – Folk Necromancy. He has set up a live online cabaret called Speakeasy of the Dead. His online courses are beyond exceptional and can regularly be found at Wolf & Goat as well as The Cauldron Black. To Subscribe to his newsletter and see what the good Doctor is up to, have a click on the pic!

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