The Life and Ideas of Wilhelm Reich with Dan Lowe

One of the most controversial and downright confounding figures of 20th Century Science and Psychotherapy, was Wilhelm Reich. It was Reich’s conjecture that he had discovered a powerful force that pervades not only all life here on earth, but also the cosmos as well. Reich called it Orgone, and it was the primary, sexual force of life. His views and research however has been met with obloquy and derision at every turn. In this episode, I am joined by Dan Lowe to go through the life and ideas of this oft maligned, yet fascinating figure.

Dan has been studying the ideas of Wilhelm Reich for over 20 years since encountering him at University. He recently completed a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling. He works as a counsellor and teacher in London and utilizes some of Reich’s ideas is his work. If you have any questions about Reich or would like some advice, definitely reach out to Dan on Twitter, or if you are looking for a Reich-friendly councillor, click the picture of the fine looking fellow below!

Show Notes

Huge Thanks to Dan Lowe for providing most of these Show Notes!

3 thoughts on “The Life and Ideas of Wilhelm Reich with Dan Lowe

  1. Actually – one of the best books about Reich is missing from that list. David Boadella’s “Wilhelm Reich: The evolution of his work” puts his therapy work, his politics, his scientific research, the ‘Orgone’ work, his weather-control experiments, his philosophy, his friends (and many enemies/detractors), and his somewhat chaotic person life into a coherent whole: explaining each of these clearly, and in some detail, in a chronological sequence, so that his undoubtable genius comes through.


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