Hermeticism with Erik & Sam Part II

Without a doubt, one moment that pretty much everyone is in agreement is absolutely seminal to the Occult, is when in 1471 Marcilio Ficino published the Corpus Hermeticum which he had recently translated. This triggered an explosion within Esoteric thought at the time, but also still right up to today. Finally, Hermeticism was something we could point a finger at and say that it was important. Since the publication, Hermeticism has had its ups and downs, but one thing is for sure- it is not going away any time soon. In this concluding episode, Erik Arneson and Sam Block go through Hermeticism over the last 600 years.

Rev. Erik Arneson is a Magician, Hermeticist and Podcaster extraordinaire. His Podcast Arnemancy is one of my favourite Occult Podcasts around these days. You won’t find many people out there better and kinder than Erik. Be sure to support Erik through Patreon if you dig what he does- I am a proud patron and love all the magical hi-jinx that Erik gets up to.

Sam Block, otherwise known as Polyphanes, has written extensively about nearly every aspect of his magical world. His Blog The Digital Ambler is an inexhaustible font of excellent information for not only Hermeticsm but Magic as well. If you would like to show some support for Sam, hit him up on Ko-fi or even better- Grab one of his Books!

Both Erik and Sam are Moderators of the Hermetic House of Life Discord Server. Beyond a doubt, Hermetic House of Life is the best place for finding out more about Hermeticism as well as ask a question or two. I also lurk about on the server and am constantly intrigued and surprised by what gets discussed there. Join now, Read the rules and have fun!

Show Notes

Check Out Part I

Designed by Sam Block 2020

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