Aleister Crowley- The Myth and The New Aeon with Richard T. Cole

The statement “Aleister Crowley was a complicated figure” is a vast understatement. Depending on who is delivering the message, he can be either a wise teacher pointing to enlightenment and truth, or a monster and a con-artist who thought only of himself always. Our second episode of The Month of the Beast has us talking with the author of several books about Crowley, Richard T. Cole. We dive into the writing of The Book of the Law, some skulduggery as well as the overall message of the New Aeon.

Richard T. Cole is an occult researcher and illustrator with a lifetime of experience exploring the paranormal and works of Victorian Satanist Aleister Crowley (the Great Beast 666), in search of a Grand Unified Theory of the Supernatural…  Following his hugely controversial 2012 publication, Crystal Clear (narrating arguably the world’s biggest ever paranormal experiment), Richard released a comprehensive demolition of Crowley’s account of circumstances leading to his “Reception of a New World Religion.” Liber L. vel Bogus is a work that rewrites Crowlean history, compels a fundamental reassessment of his literary legacy, and outlines a radical interpretation of Thelema.  2022 will see the publication of The Paranormal Decided.  This represents the culmination of Richard’s quest and, as stated on its cover, “… is not another book about the paranormal. It is an explanation of it.” In addition to a theoretical model, this work includes an elementary technique empowering anyone with a means of ‘provoking a paranormal experience.’  A companion to this work, titled 666, Sex and the New Aeon of Horus, describes the supernatural, its connection with global evolution and unprecedented changes sweeping across this planet, in terminology employed by Crowley – Who, for his myriad fatal flaws, is the only person in human history to notice and describe an upgrade to the fundamental operating system of our species.

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7 thoughts on “Aleister Crowley- The Myth and The New Aeon with Richard T. Cole

      1. “While, for example, The Book of the Law may be debatable in value when considered purely as prophetic text describing actual occurrences or states of mind to come, it cannot be denied that it’s a shit-hot piece of writing, which deserves to be revered as such.”


  1. Another compelling portrait of Crowley as a venal, petty con man can be found in Arthur Calder-Marshall’s memoir The Magic of My Youth.

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