Healing, Medicine, & Magic with Ivy Bromius

Something which touches every person on this planet is illness; at some point each and every one of us will get sick. How we heal and what medicines we use has changed drastically throughout the ages. Things which would have meant certain death a hundred years ago, are dealt with somewhat simply now. So what is one to do if they get sick and they also do not buy into a fully materialist paradigm? To discuss we are joined by someone who has recently endured a healing journey and is sharing how it went and how they utilized magic in their healing- Ivy Bromius!

Ivy Bromius is a Project Management professional, an animist witch, a Tarot reader and a teacher. Her recent health journey going through and ultimately surviving cancer has been made available in the MUST READ Cancer Grimoire. Always eloquent, Ivy’s appearances on Podcasts are definitely worth checking out as well. An active member of the Rune Soup community which helped her and her healing, Ivy would be delighted to help you learn how to be agile in both your life and your Magic! To see everything that Ivy gets up to at Circle Thrice– click below!

Show Notes

Once again- We are not medical professionals in any way, shape, or form. The opinions expressed in this episode reflect the mindscape of only those who shared them and should not be construed as medical advice in any way.

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