Gnosticism with Miguel Conner

Something which is often talked of in magical circles, but not greatly understood- is Gnosticism and those who were called Gnostics. These Gnostics were those that valued personal experience of God; a knowledge called “gnosis,” over more orthodox traditions and institutions. For the last 2000 years, we knew very little about these Gnostics, but all of that changed with an amazing archeological find in 1945 in Egypt. Taking us through Gnosticism and all things Gnostic, is the host of the greatest gnostic podcast ever, Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio– Mr. Miguel Conner!

My Guest for this episode is the one and only Miguel Conner. His Podcast Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio has been serving up massively cathartic portions of Gnosticism for over a decade. Aeon Byte has had conversations with some of the most eminent figures in the study of Gnosticism today, many of which have been collected in Two Books by Miguel. He has also released a very handy book called 10 Snackable Meditations which is great for short reality hacks. For those who wish to get a handle on practical Gnosticism, you can join AB Prime or support Miguel on Patreon. For all that Miguel gets up to, click the link below!

Show Notes

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