Spiritualism & Spirit Mediumship with Jack Hunter

For more than 60 years in the late 19th century and early 20th century, a New Religious Movement known as Spiritualism swept across the Western World. Everyone from famous authors to housewives took part in engaging with spirits and Mediumship via Séances and other means. These days Spiritualism is mostly taken as a period of time in which every participant was either delusional or being conned by frauds. Yet there is much more to Spiritualism and Spirit Mediumship than what most people are familiar with. Going through it with us is the one and only Dr. Jack Hunter.

Dr. Jack Hunter is an anthropologist exploring the borderlands of consciousness, religion, ecology and the paranormal. He is the Author and Editor of some of my favourite books, including Manifesting Spirits, Greening the Paranormal, Engaging the Anomalous and many more. Be sure to check out what Dr. Hunter gets up to at his website as well as on YouTube. And definitely be sure to Join his Patreon! I’m a Supporter! For all things Dr. Hunter click the pic below!

Show Notes

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