The Rosicrucians with Tobias Churton

Perhaps the most notorious esoteric secret society of all time, the Rosicrucians still inspire enormous amounts of mystery and interest to this day. Yet what is going on with the Rosicrucians exactly? Where did they come from? Who were the Rosicrucians? Why do they matter still? Was it all some kind of inside Joke? To set all of this straight is the scholar of Western Esotericism and the author of many books which are important to our interests here at WMiT?- the Great Tobias Churton!

Tobias Churton is one of Britain’s leading scholars of Western esotericism as well as a world authority on Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Freemasonry, and Rosicrucianism. Holding a master’s degree in theology from Brasenose College, Oxford, he was appointed Honorary Fellow of Exeter University in 2005. His books The Golden Builders and The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians are absolute essential reads, as are most of his books. For all that Mr. Churton gets up to, click the link below!

Show Notes

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