Hypnagogia with Samantha Giacalone

There is a state that occurs right before one falls asleep that is perhaps one of the oddest and trippiest experiences one can have without the use of drugs. This is called Hypnagogia and it occurs every time we fall asleep. Our perceptions become very strange and we can experience many different sensations; sometimes amazing and sometimes terrifying. And yet this state has been utilized by inventors, artists, mystics and prophets to great effect. Joining WMiT? on this episode is friend of the show and fellow onieronaut, The Mad Sorceress Samantha Giacalone!

Samantha Giacalone is a Blogger, Published Model, and Draglesque Artist. They can be found lurking on Twitter, as well as Instagram. If you are a fan of Synthwave then you absolutely have to check out their Patreon only program Heavy Retro – A Synthy Retro Variety Show! For all that Samantha gets up to have a click on the pic!

Show Notes

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