Saints with W. of Saint Anthony’s Tongue Podcast

Saints are everywhere. From street names, to buildings, to the names of certain herbs and plants. For a time, their stories and miracles were familiar to many of us. And yet, when one chooses to look a bit closer at the Saints and the cult of the Saints, something fairly magical emerges. Going through the Saints and their Magic with us, is W.- the host of the excellent podcast about Saints, Folk Catholicism and Mysticism, Saint Anthony’s Tongue!

Saint Anthony’s Tongue is a Podcast covering Folk Catholicism, Mysticism and Saint folklore. The Host W. shares stories involving Saints, Folklore, and more – and then uncover the ways certain Saints, tools, and prayers are used in magical and mystical practices. Be sure to check out W.’s Instagram page which gets updated regularly with all sorts of amazing content as well as the Twitter account! Of course, if you enjoy the Podcast, be sure to support all that W. does on the St. Anthony’s Tongue Patreon! For all things St. Anthony’s Tongue, click on the logo below!

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Show Notes

**Correction – September 10th is not the Feast Day of Saint Nicholas of Myra, but in fact Saint Nicholas of Tolentino (another awesome saint, no less). Got them mixed up.**

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