An Introduction to Fairies with Jo Hickey-Hall & Simon Young

There’s not a single person listening to WMiT? who doesn’t know what a Fairy is. Or do they? When the word “Fairy” is uttered, most likely our minds immediately think of a small, somewhat feminine, little winged humanoid that glows. But this conception of Fairies is a somewhat recent one. There is so much more to the stories, the history as well as the behavior of these ethereal and magical beings. Allow yourself to be reintroduced as it were, to the entities we call Fairies by the host of The Modern Fairy Sighting Podcast Jo Hickey-Hall, and the Scholar of the Supernatural Dr. Simon Young!

Jo Hickey-Hall is a folklorist, researcher and social historian with a long-held interest in the relationship between supernatural experience, local landscape and oral tradition. In 2020, she started the Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast, a fantastic show which hopes to break the taboo that still exists around speaking about personal fairy experiences. Jo can be found on Twitter, Instagram as well as YouTube, and if you love what Jo gets up to and wish to support, be sure to join the Patreon!

Dr. Simon Young is a British folklore historian based in Italy. He has written extensively on the nineteenth-century supernatural. His book The Boggart as well as The Nail in the Skull and Other Victorian Urban Legends, were released last year. Be sure to give a follow on Twitter and definitely check out both his webpage Beachcombing’s Bizarre History Blog (lots of Fairy stuff there) as well as his superb Podcast The Boggart and Banshee: A Supernatural Podcast!

Simon is the author/editor of the book Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies – 500AD to the Present, which also happens to feature an article written by Jo! Be sure to grab a copy!

In addition to the book Magical Folk, Simon also released The Fairy Census 2014-2017. Some five hundred fairy experiences are listed in it, and over 160,000 words about encounters with the Good Neighbours. The information in the Census was provided by an ongoing internet questionnaire about who sees fairies, when and why.

Show Notes

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