Guest Appearance on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

Just wanted to post this wonderful chat I had recently with Zachary Lui and Andreih Vitimus. Our conversation was an absolute delight. We started out by talking about podcasting and just how much work it is, then it morphed into a conversation about social media (cuz why not), intention, performance and circled it back to talking about work once more. Zach and Andreih are two fantastic hosts and I had an amazing time on this show!

Be sure to check out Queen City Curio Shop if you are in Toronto, or if you’d like to order anything online!

Also be sure to listen to all of Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole Podcast. They have some brilliant talks with some amazing guests – it’s a who’s-who of contemporary occult awesomeness!
If you love what these boys get up to, be sure to become a sponsor!


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