Appearance on Nimataion

A few weeks ago I got one of my favourite emails that I’ve ever received. It was from Bernhard at his Magieschule and it asked me if I’d like to appear on a short YouTube video and share a story. Not just any story but a story which was very important to me when I was younger. I said I’d be honoured to appear on the show, and then a dread set in. A story? One story? There was just so many! Over the next two weeks I fretted and wondered which story i should choose, as I had so many. Eventually I settled on a story which has been with me for quite some time; a story I return to in my mind over and over again, which needed to be shared on Nimataion!

This experience was an absolute delight. Please be sure to subscribe to Bernhard’s YouTube channel as well as have a look at what he gets up to at Magieschule Bernhard Reicher! The folks that Bernhard talks to are absolutely amazing!

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