Fairies, UFOs & Aliens with Joshua Cutchin

No doubt, UFOs and Aliens would be familiar to every listener of this Podcast. The mysterious and downright terrifying entities we call Aliens as well as their supposed activities here on earth are beyond notorious, indeed they are part of our culture and have been for the last 70 years. And yet, almost every aspect of Aliens and their apparent abductions has an antecedent in the folklore of Fairies. In fact, many are saying that the phenomena of UFOs and Aliens are just a modern interpretation of a somewhat spiritual experience that is intrinsically human somehow.  Helping us tread into these murky waters is a someone who knows them well- author and musician Joshua Cutchin.

Joshua Cutchin is an Author as well as classically trained Musician. His books deal with Forteana, High Strangeness, Cryptids and so much more. He is also a musician with a tonne of accomplishments with his prowess on the monster of an instrument that is the Tuba. His upcoming book will be dealing with Fairies and their representation on the silver screen. Joshua has also appeared on many other podcasts, so be sure to check those out. For all things Joshua Cutchin, click the pick below!

Josh’s Book Ecology of Souls: A New Mythology of Death & The Paranormal is one of the most stunning and erudite books I have ever read. It is not often when one reads a work that they know they will reference for a long time, perhaps the rest of their life. This is such a book. If you are in any way interested in the things that I am, you must own this book and read it. Available in Two Volumes as a Paperback Vol I & Vol II or in one big eBook, Joshua also has a companion book which can be purchased but is also available for free to download on his website as an eBook.
This is an important work.
It deserves your attention.

Also! Joshua will be attending Jeffrey Kripal’s Archives of the Impossible this spring. Be sure to register so that you can attend the Webinar between Josh and Jeff on May 3rd 2023!

Show Notes

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