Fairies, Witchcraft & Magic with Lee Morgan

Much of the last four episodes in the Fistful o’ Fairies series has been about the history and folklore of the Fairies. But what does a Magical world look like with Fairies involved; what is a Fairy witchcraft? While most folks through history have done their best to avoid or appease the Good Neighbours, what things should be kept in mind if one would wish to interact in some way with them? Giving us a peek into the world of Fairy, Witchcraft and Magic is the author and Traditional Witch, Lee Morgan.

Lee Morgan is an author who lives on a communal homestead on Kunanyi/Mt Wellington, Tasmania. The author of both Fiction and Non-Fiction, some of Lee’s books are among the best reads on Witchcraft that you are likely to come across these days. His newest novel The Gusty Deep was just released last September so grab a copy as well as check out the Facebook page. Lee can be found on Instagram as well as Facebook. If you enjoy Lee’s work and would like to support all Lee gets up to, be sure to join his Patreon. For all that Lee gets up to click the pic below.

Sounds of Infinity: Traditional Witchcraft and the Faerie Faith was a fantastic read and is well worth your attention. If Fairies, Magic and Witchcraft is something which interests you, this book is a must have, there’s nothing else like it out there.

Show Notes

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