Fairies in Ritual Magic with David Rankine

When one looks back at older documents belonging to and written by ritual magicians, for the most part they seem to be about compelling Angels, Demons and Spirits to aid you in your magical activities. And yet, not discussed very much by anyone is the fact that in some of these Grimoires, Fairies seem to make an appearance. What’s more, the reason that fairies are evoked seems to be for entirely different reasons than the usual suspects. Taking us through Fairies in ritual Magic of the past, is one of the foremost authorities on Western Ritual Magic and Grimoires, the one and only David Rankine!

David Rankine is the author of numerous books which explore the Western Magical Tradition, most of which are beyond essential reads. David has been researching as well as participating in Magic since the 1970s. Since 2003 David has been working with Dr. Stephen Skinner on the Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic series, which has basically changed all of our understandings of Historical western magic irrevocably. David can be found on Facebook but be sure to visit his Website to see what he’s getting up to!

David will be releasing one of the most anticipated books on Magic in years, The Grimoire Encyclopedia via Hadean Press. It will be the most extensive collection of resources gathered on these amazing Magical Documents, ever. Pre-Order only at this point for Hardcover, with Paperback to follow soon.

Show Notes

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