The Celts… and Magic with Amy Hale

If one was to walk into their local New Age, Witchcraft and Magic shop and have a look around, one would notice that much of the merchandise in said shop was Celtic. From amulets, to books of Celtic Magic, even Celtic Oracle Cards. This would probably give one the impression that the Celts were an enormously  magical civilization, perhaps even the most magical that has ever existed. But how much do we know about the Celts, and how should we think about Celts these days? To help us understand better is Folklorist and scholar Dr. Amy Hale.

Dr. Amy Hale is a Folklorist, Anthropologist and Author specializing in modern Cornwall and contemporary esoteric history and culture. She hosts digital events for The Last Tuesday Society and is constantly publishing many articles on a myriad of subjects. Be sure to Follow Dr. Hale on social media like Twitter but most especially Instagram. To see all that Dr. Hale gets up to check out her as well as homepage.

Show Notes

Dr. Hale would like to apologize sincerely and profusely for forgetting to include the Celtic Scots of the Highlands and Islands when listing Modern Celtic areas of Europe.
I (Douglas) having since talked to my ancestors about this unintentional slight, can confirm that Dr. Hale is completely and earnestly forgiven 😋

Special thanks to Dr. Alexander Cummins for help on this episode

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