Fairies & Ireland with David Halpin

Without a doubt, when one thinks of Fairies and the cultures as well as countries which have historically been associated with them, no place can hold a candle to that of Ireland. The Aos Sí, or people of the mounds have been a part of life in Ireland for thousands of years. Ireland’s landscape is absolutely packed with the remains of stone circles, hillforts, ringforts and other such monuments which are known as Fairy Forts. But what sort of relationship have the people of Ireland had with Fairies? Taking us through all of the varieties of how Ireland relates to the Good People is writer and blogger of Irish and worldwide Fairy lore- David Halpin!

David Halpin is a writer and blogger from Carlow, Ireland. He compiles local folklore and documents alignments between ancient monuments near his home which he posts about on his blog Circle Stories– a wonderful project that goes through Irish and world Fairy lore, mythology, consciousness, Forteana and so much more. He is also the creator of Occult Book review on Twitter as well as YouTube which is a fantastic place to keep up to date on new releases in the Magic and Pagan publishing world.

Show Notes

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