Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

Occultist. Theologian. Mercenary. Soldier. Physician. Spy. Scholar. Legal Expert. Peripatetic Polymath. Prisoner. Heretic. Certainly someone who lived a full life, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa looms large over the Occult, and is an obvious addition to the Fools Gallery. He is certainly one of the Titans of Magic, anyone seriously interested in the Occult must give Agrippa his due. In one book (or three) De Occulta Philosophia, it was Agrippa’s contention that there could be a synthetic vision of magic whereby the natural world combined with the Celestial and the Divine. On this Episode, Douglas is joined by Reverend Erik from Arnemancy; another fantastic Podcast, where we try to unspool the influence of the Knight Wizard that is Agrippa.

Become a follower of Arnemancy. Also, Rev. Erik has a wonderful website where he lays out some knowledge of esoteric concepts and provides online Occult classes as well. Click that Sigil!

Show Notes

I will be appearing on Arnemancy Podcast soon to Discuss a topic of our choosing. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears clean for when that drops.

Also, yes. I know. I didn’t pronounce ‘Pronunciation’ properly. Piss off.

Also Also, I’m kidding about Saskatchewan. I have spent a lot of time there as half my family lives in Regina. Saskatoon is quite a beautiful place as well. It’s Canada, it’s all beautiful.

Cover Picture from @Mark_Truesdale

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