Three books of occult philosophy with wren collier & eric purdue

If Western Magic is to have one document that many consider to be foundational and essential- that would be the Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. The Three Books are Agrippa’s attempt to synthesize magic with religion, going from the natural world to the celestial world and beyond. Joining the discussion on this extremely important text is someone who has understood the importance of Three Books well- Wren Collier, and the man who single-handedly produced the first English translation of Three Books in nearly 400 years- Eric Purdue!

Wren Collier is a magician and Thelemite living in Minneapolis,  Minnesota. He is a frequent contributor on the Where Did The Road Go? Podcast, as well as contributing to projects like NAEQ.IO and the Lunar Cry occult community. He also sells fine occult goods at his Etsy store, Atelier Argent, and is working on his first book,  CTHONIA, an exploration of katabasis narratives. Follow Wren on Twitter and check out Wren’s Work at Liminal Room.

Eric Purdue has studied and practiced magic as well as Astrology for well over 30 years. He is a Santero/Olorisha in Afro-Cuban Lucumí as well as a noted scholar on the subjects of Medieval Astrology and Traditional Magical systems. For the last decade, Eric has taken it on himself to do the first translation into English since 1651 of Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Eric is available for Astrological Consultations and more through his personal Website.

Are you aware that I’ve already done an episode about the Author of Three Books of Occult Philosophy- Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa? Should probably check that out before listening to this episode if you haven’t already.

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6 thoughts on “Three books of occult philosophy with wren collier & eric purdue

    1. Tyson didn’t do a translation, per se. He just copied the words and corrected the spelling from the JF English translation, that’s all.
      Eric is literally doing a translation from the Latin originals. Basically Eric’s translation is the first English translation since the JF translation in 1651

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