The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Part I

There is no other Magical Order that has done as much to shape people’s perceptions of Magic than The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. From the practical use of Tarot, to the emphasis of Kabbalah, to the idea of initiation into Magic- all of this was a consequence of this short-lived magical group. In the first of a two-part episode, Douglas puts forward some notion of what magical ideas were around before the Golden Dawn and what was the story of their history, with a spotlight on a few key figures. Gather ’round Fraters and Sorors- it’s Storytime.

Show Notes are Listed on The Second Part of this Two-Parter. Click Here to Check ’em out!

4 thoughts on “The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Part I

  1. I’m pretty Barrett didn’t die in a ballooning accident before his book was published. As far as I can tell he didn’t die until about 1830.

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  2. Hey!
    Found this googling stuff. Am a member of a not public GD-follow-up organisation in Paris (not the infamous Ahathöor loge) that is pretty active and built upon documents found in the library of an Austrian multi-millionaire.
    Anyways, enjoyed the episode as it has some fresh angles, stuff you don’t learn “in lodge” (details about Florence Farr). Where did you find the Arthur Machen citation? Would be curious to read it myself!

    I wonder – you don’t have anything about the O.T.O.
    What is your take on that organisation? I always feel that they are a bit…. more like a religion than an initiatory magical order?

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    1. Hello!
      The quote by Arthur Machen is from Alan Moore’s essay “Fossil Angels.”
      I do have some stuff to say about the OTO certainly, which I may cover sometime. At this point the topics for the show are picked by Poll on my Patreon so maybe someday I’ll put it up there and see if it gets enough votes. 😊


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