The 4th Dimension

Ask anyone what they think the 4th Dimension is and most likely they will say that it is ‘Time.’ Which is true, in some sense. But the 4th Dimension is more; so much more. It could be the lattice around which everything that has, is, and will happen- happens. The obsession with looking at higher dimensions and other worlds began in earnest in fin-de-siècle Victorian England. With figures such as Edwin Abbott and Charles Howard Hinton, people started to look closer at a dimension that we couldn’t see, but perhaps we could very well experience. On this Episode on WMiT? Doug and guest Amber tackle a topic that might have ramifications as to how you see your life, and perhaps how you orchestrate it as well.
Very Special thanks to Dr. Eric Wargo for his help and materials assisting in the creation of this Loopy Episode.

Show Notes

Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) By Salvador Dali 1953

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