Hear Me Out… The Patreon Episode

The Time has come. It was bound to happen. Now, you will have the chance to support me (your host- Douglas!) and my work with the Podcast. In this Episode of WMiT? I go through some of my thoughts on starting a Patreon account, the reasons for doing so, why one should join, what might be on the Patreon and More! Speaking from the heart, this is not an episode to skip; Hear me out…

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See you on Patreon, my Friends. You all mean the World to me.

2 thoughts on “Hear Me Out… The Patreon Episode

  1. Excellent Douglas! I am so pleased you are offering this as I, like many others I am sure, have been illuminated by the knowledge you have brought to us. I have been holding off taking up other pod sponsorships, waiting for What Magic Is This?  (dont answer that) to offer this patronage you have at last offered. Hopefully like many others, I am totally pissed off with the technocrat’s machinations with our lives behind the guise of the weaponised corona virus, and I believe it is fortuitous that your ‘work’ came into my life this year when I was beginning to feel bereft of hope. But now there is. So glad again, I’m in. Jordana

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