But Dead Men tell no Tales, they say! Except old tales that burn away the stifling tapestries of day. Old Tales of life, of love and hate, of time and space, and will, and fate.‘ Western magic has recently seen a revitalization of the Practice of Necromancy- Divination, Invocation, Evocation and Communication with Spirits of the Dead. Most likely, Necromancy has its origins in Ancestor veneration but came to be something more. Cultures around the world have their own forms of Necromantic Interaction, yet death and the more than human world in the west has never been more distant than right now. Let ‘er RIP.

Show Notes

3 thoughts on “Necromancy

  1. Wow! Great show, an absolute eyeopener and encourager. Thanks to both of you for the experiences of real-life past-lives encounters.


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