Where does one even begin? Kabbalah has been marked down as one of if not the foundational Element of the Western Magical Tradition. It has also been marked down as a much maligned and misused Judaic Esoteric Tradition; a beautiful and vast tradition that was passed from master to student. Suffice to say, a lot of what passes for Modern Magic is inspired in some way by what is called Hermetic and/or Practical Kabbalah. In this episode of What Magic is This? Doug is joined by Tanin to share some insights as well as their individual takes on Kabbalah.

My Guest Tanin has been a constant support and enthusiast of WMiT? for quite some time. They have a Blog online about New England Witchcraft. Click the pic!

Show Notes

Music in this Episode is The Synagogue Cantor (Chazzan)

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