Jewish Magic & Mysticism with Justin Sledge

The concept of “Magic” within the Jewish world is a complex and fascinating one. Many people when they look at the Western Esoteric and Magical tradition will say that many of the elements of it take much from the Hebrew alphabet and Jewish Mysticism like Kabbalah. But what of the Jewish people themselves, how did magic and mysticism play a role in their lives throughout time? Joining me on this episode is the one and only Dr. Justin Sledge.

My Guest for this episode is Dr. Justin Sledge. Dr. Sledge is a scholar of Religion and Philosophy. Seeking to share his knowledge of the Western Esoteric tradition in the best possible way, Dr. Sledge has started pretty much the finest YouTube Channel for esoteric content that you will find- ESOTERICA. If you find Justin’s work as amazing as I do, his efforts can be supported via his Patreon page. For all things Dr. Sledge, click the link below!

Show Notes

Music in the episode by Michael Levy

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