Hermetic Magic with Sam Block

Since 2011, my guest Sam Block, also known as Polyphanes, has written well over 1.5 Million words on his Blog, The Digital Ambler. Having found his work in late 2013, I loved his passion and process regarding such texts as the Corpus Hermeticum and the Greek Magical Papyri. In this episode of WMiT? I finally get to pick his brain about some of my favourite aspects of magic, his process and how he tackles such things as using Barbarous names, substituting ingredients, even prayer. The Magical Mindscape of Polyphanes is on full display.

My Guest for this episode has written extensively about nearly every aspect of his magical world. His Blog The Digital Ambler is an inexhaustible font of excellent information for people beginning in magic as well as those who are looking at trying something new. If you would like to show some support for Sam and his brilliant work, hit him up on Ko-fi or even better- Grab one of his Books!

Show Notes

Music in this Episode is “Hymn To the Sun” by Michael Levy

5 thoughts on “Hermetic Magic with Sam Block

  1. I look forward to this, thank you. Do you address the work of Franz Bardon? If not, any chance you may cover him in future episodes? Thanks in advance.

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