Rock & Roll & The Occult

Holmes & Watson. Salt & Pepper. Hell, even Sturm und Drang- there are some classic combinations in this world. Rock ‘n Roll & The Occult just seems natural. Although a relatively recent musical form, less than a century, the dalliances of the diabolical with Rock music were there nearly from the beginning. The combination of drums, guitars and a hollering vocals seem the very thing that the Occult offers in some way as well- Powerful, animal, and emotive. Yet the story of Rock and the Occult has been told many times before by many people. In this Episode of WMiT we examine a few of the lesser known features of this story, as well as some music that seems rather less than obvious. Give’r.

My Guest for this Episode is a very talented Musician, Singer and Songwriter who resides in Montreal- Kue Varo! A longtime denizen of the musical realms, she has just released a new album Daffodil-11 which is a fantastic slice of creativity and sound! Be sure to download and support Kue’s work as well as follow all that she does! Click the Pic!

Show Notes

Doug’s Roccult Recommendations

Julian CopeCabaret VoltaireHawthonnPJ HarveyKate BushDeath GripsThe Black DogMort GarsonSunn O)))The KLF The Good, The Bad, & The QueenAlice ColtranePrincess Nokia DemenSun RaJohnny DowdSiouxsie & The BansheesJuciferAngels With Dirty Faces by Tricky Scorpio Rising by Death in Vegas

Correction – Most of the Black Metal (not Death Metal) that I bring up in this episode are Norwegian as opposed to Swedish. Got them mixed up. Sorry. It’s been a week.

4 thoughts on “Rock & Roll & The Occult

  1. Another great show Douglas I know you cant write all the occult rock stars what is your feelings on the Doors and Jimi Hendrix and you can go on forever thanks

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like both.
      As far as my understandings are with both of them, they both had short dalliances with the occult, as pretty much every rock star did back in the late 60s and early 70s.
      Like how 12 Years ago ever musician had a dalliance with autotune. 😉

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