Wizards! with A Wizard!

Instantly recognizable; you know a Wizard when you see one. Not only by appearance- Beards, older, white hair but also by the items associated with them- Robes, pointed hat, staff and old books. There is seemingly something archetypal about the wizard, which literally means “One who is Wise.” These days, the Wizard ranks among some of the most beloved characters in books, films, art and more. In this Episode of WMiT?, we are joined by a real life Wizard Devin Person, to go through why the Wizard is a cultural touchstone in every way.

My Guest for this episode is somebody who takes the Wizard life seriously and allows the idea of the Wizard to inform nearly all aspects of his life. Committed to using his wizardry to not only change his life, but yours as well, Devin is active on many fronts. He has a Podcast called This Podcast is a Ritual, which is a delight in every way. You can support his work and Wizardly Life via Patreon and to keep up to date on everything Devin gets up to, click on the pic below!

Apologies, there is a slight crackling on the audio in this one that was not audible during the recording. I’ve done my best to try and clean the track up.

Show Notes

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