The Ancients & the Stars with Amaya Rourke

Through the vastness of time, one thing we’ve all had in common was the sky, especially that of the night sky. The Stars, Moon and planets have meant many different things to our Ancestors. Many saw the cosmic dance these celestial bodies followed as an integral part of not only their Myths or Cosmology but having real agency in our lives and in events here on earth. There is much magic in the stars, and to discuss as well as elucidate such things is my guest for this episode, Amaya Rourke!

My guest for this Episode is Amaya Rourke! Amaya is an Animist, Necromantic Folk Witch, Astrological Magician, and Herbalist in training, who is fascinated both by our natural world and the hypnotic night sky. She has plenty of great things to say on her Twitter account, as well as pictures of flowers and trees and all the lovely things on her Instagram. She is available for Astrological Consultations (albeit she is taking a break for a while in April 2021). To follow all the amazing things Amaya gets up to walking the Heart Warrior Path, click the pic below!

Show Notes

Music is from Michael Levy – The Egyptian Harp

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