Cunning Folk with Aerinn Hodges

In recent years, more and more attention has been directed at a somewhat neglected tradition of Magic- The Cunning Folk. Otherwise known as White Witches, they were known for providing many functions and needs all over Europe for a time. Divination, blessing, curse-breaking, dreams, conjuring of spirits, potions and much more were just some of the tools in their magical arsenal. They fulfilled many roles for those whom they served, for a price of course. In this Episode of WMiT? we are joined by The Wise Woman of Bushwick Avenue, Aerinn Hodges!

My guest for this episode is none other than the modern Cunning folk Aerinn Hodges. Aerinn is an artist, magician, and animist excavating the role of women and trans feminine people in magic, religion, and healing. Their work is inspired by the embodied mysticism of medieval visionaries, the community-based sorcery of early modern cunning folk, and the haunted medicine of charming traditions. They are a student of divination, herbalism, folk magic, and spirit work. Later on in June of 2021 Aerinn will be co-hosting a class with Dr. Alexander Cummins on Cunning Woman Anne Bodenham, as well as teaching courses at Catland Books in Brooklyn. Click the Pic below to head to Aerinn’s Blog Love + Blight!

Show Notes

Many Thanks to Dr. Alexander Cummins for his guidance and help, as always

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